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tutorial for AD 21489 board on SigmaStudio

Question asked by ag09 on Feb 5, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2013 by JJoseph


We are planning to purchase the AD 21489 EZ KIT LITE for a noise cancellation project project using multiple microphone inputs.

We are novice coders and want to take advantage of SigmaStudio to graphically develop code for the board.


1. Are there tutorials for this board in SigmaStudio?- ones that I can configure the ADC block parameters? Does SigmaStudio have adaptive algorithm blocks (e.g. LMS, RLS) ?

2. How does SigmaStudio's supported communication channels (e.g. EvalBoard1940, EvalBoard170X, etc) relate or correspond to the name of the      evaluation board AD 21489 EZ KIT LITE?

3. The datasheet allows [4 x 1 RCA phono jack for four channel of stereo input], does this mean that one can target and manipulate up to 4 channels of audio input?


SigmaStudio 3.7