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ADSP-2101 Emulator help needed

Question asked by akeane01 on Aug 28, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2009 by CraigG

I am using this old legacy emulator since i need to update old products but i am having a few issues...


Issue1 Boot images: The code I am using loads up to 6 different boot images depending on the hardware being used. My init routine will setup the DSP then at the end program decides which image to load from external ROM, resets the chip and does a while(1) until the chip resets and loads the correct code. I am trying to figure out how to use the emulator effectively. I would like to load the init code and execute to the end with loading any boot images, then load the main code but cannot seem to do this since the emulator complains about code being loaded over its 0x7ff internal program memory limit. Each boot image is located above the 0x7ff address. See below on my next step on trying to debug...


Issue2 Breakpoints: I put in the external prom and reset the emulator and it runs the code correctly by loading out of the external prom. I can stop the emulator and set breakpoints. Then i run the emulator again and restart the code but the emulator will never stop at any breakpoint. I stop the emulator and indeed the breakpoints are still there. The only thing i have noticed is to zero out the IMASK register, then breakpoints are hit but this disables all my interrupts.


Issue3 Manual: Is there an emualtor manual for the 2101 EZ-kit. I cannot find this except for a few page datasheet on EZ-kits for the family.