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problem generating I2S signals from SPORT as I2S master

Question asked by on Feb 4, 2013
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I am programmang an ADSP-21262 in C. For a first system test the output signals of SPORT2 as I2S master are fed to the inputs of SPORT3 by directly connecting the approriate DAI pins to/from which the SPORT signals are routed on the PCB. I am trying to operate SPORT2 as I2S master and SPORT3 as I2S slave. The divisors for bitclock and framesync are set for SPORT2. The problem is that no bitclock or framesync signals are generated. I expect the SPORT2 master to generate these signals.

Could anyone point me to an example of operating an SPORT as I2S master?

The data transfer is handled by the interrupts, no DMA is used.

Kind regards, Kurt Harders