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Externally triggered sweep badly wished.

Question asked by Skfir on Feb 3, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2013 by Skfir

Hi guyz! I have just installed the newest SS and was extremely pleased to find a pulse generator block with duty time adjustment function! Thank you so much! But could you also please please please implement that small tiny red pin to the sweep block in order to let it be triggered externally? Say from the pulse generator. The idea is now I have a task to make a sweep generator which generates sweeps about 12 times a second. The sweep itself lasts 9 per cent of time and the rest is silence. So now, in order to implement this function I must built a quite complicated schematics. Firstly I have to use sawtooth generator, then I have to use an "addition" block and DC block in order to bias the generator properly. Then I have to use multiplication so that the peak is at the right point. Then I have to use VCO, then I have to use the whole block of logic with some additional DC block in order to make the VCO to shut up when a necessary frequency range is covered. Then I have to use an additional logic and DC blocks and a clickless volume block in order to make it shut up with no clicks.... You see, extremely, redundantly complicated. Whereas if the sweep block, which is already implemented in SigmaStudio just had that tiny external triggering pin, I would be able just to use only two blocks: the sweep block and the pulse generator block. Simple!! And not only simple, but also very efficient in terms of the used processor "horse power." So please guyz, in a name of everything what is holy on the Earth, please could you implement that red pin to the sweep block? It should not be too difficult since the block already exists. Please!!!