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ADL5511 output for CW 100 MHz signal

Question asked by kvummidi on Feb 1, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2013 by enash

Hi i'm trying to use ADL5511, in a AGC loop.

I'm trying to test just the ADL5511 chip now. I'm applying sine wave at different power levels using a sig gen and using the Vrms output pin to measure the output. Please see the pic attached. 

I do have a 75 ohms connected between pin 2 and ground. 

I have a 33 nF at pin 14 (FLT 4), 100 pF at pin 3 (FLT 3).

I'm applying signals from a signal generator from -5 dBM to 15 dBm directly to pin 2.

The output at Vrms is always at ~1.7 V for that range. I have  pin 1 and 16 (FLT 2 and FLT 3) unconnected.

I have the enable high.


I'm not sure what im doing wrong. Any tips on how to trouble shoot ?