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The question about register in ADV7511

Question asked by buddha1987 on Feb 1, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2013 by rgetz

I try to learn how to use ADV7511 so I read the documents about it. I found this file:


There are two questions about register in this pdf file.

1. When talked about register, it described like this, e.g. in P11:


Set up the video output mode

 0x16[7] - Output Format (4:4:4 = 0)

 0x18[7] - CSC Enable (YCbCr to RGB = 1)

 0x18[6:5] - CSC Mode (YCbCr to RGB = 0b00)


Does this mean 0x16 is the address of register, and each register is 1 Byte or 8 bits long. 0x16[7] means 7th bit of this register is used to assign output format. When 7th bit equals 0, the output format will be 4:4:4.


2. In P18, it states: "Input ID” register (0x15[3:1]) should be set to reflect the video data format, color space, bus width, # bits per color, and sync type that is input to the ADV7511 from the system SoC " And it gives a table with input ID from 0 to 8, total 9 decisions. I am confused by this since only 3 bits (3:1), 2^3=8. How can I set 9 different options only with 3 bits?


Thanks very much.