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Interfacing ad9910 eval board with microcontroller

Question asked by pssijo on Feb 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by Hetan97

Hi all,

I am trying to interface eval board ad9910 with external microcontroller.

I was trying with following specs

1MHz output

Ref clock 1GHz (without using any internal dividers)

profile 0.

This setting worked properly with evaluation board GUI.


With same register values I am trying to write through SPI.

Register 0x00 - 0x00000002

Register 0x01 - 0x00400820;

Register 0x02 - 0x1D3F4150

Register 0x03 - 0x00007F7F


Register 0x0E -0x08b50000, 0x00418937

But its not giving any output.

All jumpers i have enabled and disabled as written in external control jumper settings.

Profile 0, 1, 2 are grounded as I am using profile 0 for writing tuning word.


I am using 6 wires to interface with microcontroller


I am attaching keil logic analyser output also.

Sorry its an merged image.

Please can anyone advice me whats going on wrong or did i miss anything??