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AD9914 Clocking/Gerberfiles

Question asked by BTS on Feb 1, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2013 by Kevin.G


we want to drive an acousto optic modulator with a DDS driver. The point is, that we want to change frequency, phase and amplitude at the same time, and also very fast. Also our output sequences are very long, so that they outreach the DDS memory. That’s why we thought of using a parallel data port for the communication.


We thought about the AD9914, since the datasheet describes a way to change the parameters one by one, save them and upload them to the DDS core at the same time. Is that correct, or did we misinterpreted the description (page 29ff in the data sheet).

My second question is about the clocking. We want to use the DDS driver with a SYSCLK as high as possible (the 9914 is said to handle 3,5GHz). The problem now is, that we’ve no idea what clocking device would be the best. We read in several threads about a VCXO, but couldn’t find one at 3,5GHz.

So what would be your recommendation for a clocking device, for the AD9914?


The next problem is, that we can’t buy the evaluation board, since the delivery time to our destination with 16 weeks in much too long. So we decided to just purchase the DDS chip and build up our own board. And here comes my next question: Is it possibly to get the Gerberfiles for the AD9914 eval board? I saw that for many other boards the Gerberfiles are online, but not for the 9914.

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