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Analog ADAU-1701 USBi Communication Problem

Question asked by mezza-uk on Feb 1, 2013
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I am building a prototype circuit based on the ADAU-1701 evaluation board in order to create a self booting audio system.

I adau-1701.jpg

I have left out the i/o pins and audio input / outputs in this schematic for clarity.

When I try to compile / download I get a communications error message. I have checked the board for soldering faults and cant find any as far as I can see.

My question is are there any other software settings that need to be set in order to start communication? I am using a USBi from another eval board and this is not faulty.

In the data sheet it mentions about the address of the ADD0 and ADD1 pins being set, in my circuit they are set to 0. However the data sheet also mentions the r / w pin being set. What pin or register does this relate to?


any thoughts or help would be appreciated.