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ADSP-21062: Using DMA channels 7-8 while BSO bit set (writing to EPROM)

Question asked by Maduranga on Jan 31, 2013
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I have a confusion about using DMA channels while writing to EPROM (BSO bit set). The manual says that I can use DMA channels 7-8 with any packing mode, but then again it says that when the BSO bit is set, PMODE bits are disregarded.


My questions is, if I have both an EPROM and an external RAM connected, should the accesses to these two should be exclusive?

That is, when I'm write/read from EPROM (BSO bit set), I should not have any other DMA in progress to the external memory?


For example, if I start a DMA in channel 9 to write to my external memory, can I start another DMA in channel 8 to write to EPROM (BSO bit set)? In this case will DMA 8 start after DMA 9 is complete, or it will interfere and corrupt the ongoing DMA 9?


Thank you.