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ZC702 No-OS

Question asked by adempsey on Jan 30, 2013
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I've recently been trying to set up the No-OS XCOMMS Demo using the ZC702 Board on 14.4. Everything looks alright through the hardware generation stage, until I try and run the no-OS software.  I alleviated most of the bugs from import by creating a new software project and copying the source files over so they're referencing the ARM libraries and not the MicroBlaze libraries in the SDK.  Everything looks alright except for the i2c addressing, which was located at :

i2c.c ~line 150

axi_iic_baseaddr = fmcPort == 0 ? AXI_IIC_BASEADDR_0 : AXI_IIC_BASEADDR_1;


Those two baseaddr constants don't exist in my xparameters.h file from the EDK.  Is this an issue with the baseaddr on the ADI Radio board, or on the Zynq end where I would have to go modify the EDK file in Platform studio to include the IIC definitions.


Thank you in advance,