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Trying to port FMCOMMS1-EBZ reference design to ZC706

Question asked by panyu on Jan 30, 2013
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Dear ADI,


I'm trying to port the FMCOMMS1-EBZ reference design ( to ZC706. I started with the ZC702 reference design included in the repository as the baseline in Xilinx XPS 14.4, and modified the project as follows:


1. Change the target device to zynq xc7z045 ffg900 -2

2. Edit the system.ucf to match the pin assignment of zc706 board (while HDMI modes are different for zc702 and zc706, in order to simply things, I connected HDMI data pins to high density FMC pins which are not going to be used)


The modified design compiled fine in XPS with warnings about absence of top level clock similar to the case of the ZC702 reference design. The design was exported to SDK to generate a default FSBL project and a default peripheral test project. The peripheral test can be run on the ZC706 board with all test passed shown on the serial console, which basically suggests that minimum ARM and UART are working fine.


The u-boot from git:// master branch is used, with default u-boot environment variables copied from the "xilinx-14.2-build1-trd xilinx-14.2-build1-trd" branch to include/configs/zynq_common.h such that the ADI linux kernel ( zImage can be booted properly. It is then compiled with zynq_zc70x_config. This u-boot is tested with the ADV7511 reference design for ZC706 (, and it's fine.


However, I'm not able to boot with the BOOT.bin generated from the FSBL, bit stream and u-boot on the target board. Serial console either output nothing, or slowly printing out a character symbol (diamond with a question mark inside) each every few seconds.


I'm not sure where might be the problem. It seems both the bit stream and the u-boot are fine, and it doesn't seem likely that FSBL may be broken. I'd like to seek any suggestions about the problem, and possibly get a good rough idea of how you guys typically port a design from one board to another similar board.


Thanks a lot and have a nice day :-)


-Pan Yu