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ADV7513 : I2S config with Bluetooth module

Question asked by Captcha on Jan 30, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2013 by DaveD



i would like to interface one bluetooth audio module with an I2S interface to my ADV7513.


Fs = 48KHz

24 SCLK per channel

16 bit audio with 8 blank bit

Fsclk = 16Fs.


My config on the ADV7513


0x0C, 0x04,                                  // I2S0, I2S stream freq used, I2S format 0

0x0D, 0x10,                                  // 16 bit width audio

0x73, 0x01,                                  //  2 channels audio

0x14, 0x0b,                                  //  24 bits audio word length



i have try many other combinaison with the dedicated registers  but i have no audio at the output !


Thank you