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PPI and I2C on BF548 EZ-KIT

Question asked by nik_ran on Jan 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2013 by nik_ran


We want to enable PPI and I2C (functions like i2c-detect).


Initially we downloaded the toolchains:

1) blackfin-toolchain-2012R2-RC2.i386.tar.bz2

2) blackfin-toolchain-elf-gcc-4.3-2012R2-RC2.i386.tar.bz2

3) blackfin-toolchain-uclibc-default-2012R2-RC2.i386.tar.bz2



We followed all the steps specified in for building "buildroot source" from GIT.

Then we did "make bf548-ezkit-fdpic_defconfig" without any errors and followed it up with "make menuconfig" . Then we do"make linux-menuconfig" and  "make". It generates uImage, but we are not able to generate the files related to I2C or PPI(bfinppi.c/Generic blackfin ppi driver).


I am attaching the config file generated at /home/abc/BF548-2013/BuildRoot/buildroot/output/build/linux-custom for your further reference.

Are there any other options that I need to select in Menuconfig?