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From EVAL-ADAU10701MINIZ to a project... (part 2)

Question asked by 3.3V on Jan 30, 2013
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I have a few other questions and I was wondering if someone can help me:


1) If the circuit/application doesn’t need a reset button, it is possible to:

    - remove the ADM811TARTZ

    - connect directly *BRD_RST from the USBi connector to pin 5 of the ADAU1701.


2) Just to be sure before I move forward in the PCB/circuit design. If the circuit has an external power supply and considering it looks like the USB_CLK signal from the USBi is not used, are the only connections needed from the USBi:







3) If the circuit doesn't use write-back, should pin 20 (WB) of the ADAU1701 connected to ground?


4) I asked this questions in the past but I don't think anybody answered. I can't find the output impedance of the VOUT0...VOUT3 pins. Does anybody at AD know the value?