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Why is the AD6654 not recommended for new designs?

Question asked by vtrandal on Jan 29, 2013
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Why is the AD6654 not recommended for new designs as indicated by this link? I have a some questions related to this fact.


Questions about the AD6654:  14-BIT, 92.16 MSPS, 4 & 6-CHANNEL WIDEBAND IF TO BASE BAND RECEIVER

1. Has the demand for this type of receiver dropped off? If so any possible reason as to why?

2. Which parts if any specifically replace the AD6654?

3. If I still had an AD6654 application (and parts from somewhere) how much technical support might be available from AD?

4. Specifically, since the AD6654 is not yet obsolete where are all of the supporting files and software such as SoftCell (and one program whose name escapes me)? For example the SoftCell link for AD6654 is broken (HTTP error 403 Forbidden) and other links I seem to recall are missing.


Please let me if any of this post should be put into separate questions. Thanks!


Vincent Randal

Longmont, Colorado