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AD5420AREZ & FTDI4232H SPI How To

Question asked by averwind on Jan 28, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2013 by TopGunPk

Earlier I was able to interface with a ADC (ADS7871) using the SPI interface provided by FTDI. It was really a struggle but that part is working quite good now.


Now I am trying to interface with a DAC which is AD5420AREZ from AnalogDevices ( ).The pin assignments are as follows:


ADBUS0 -> SK = Serial Clock - Connect to AD5420's SCLK (Pin-8).

ADBUS1 -> DO = Serial Data Output (MOSI on slave device) - Connect toAD5420's SDIN (Pin-9).

ADBUS2 ->DI = Serial Data Input (MISO on slave device) - Connect toAD5420's SDO (Pin-10).

ADBUS3 -> CS = Chip Select for slave device - Not used on AD5420 so notconnected

ADBUS4 -> GPIO-1 - AD5420's /FAULT (Pin-3).

ADBUS5 -> GPIO-2 - AD5420's CLEAR (Pin-6).

ADBUS6 -> GPIO-3 - AD5420's LATCH (Pin-7).

ADBUS7 -> GPIO-4 - Not used.


These assignments should be working fine but please let me know if you seesomething wrong.


My biggest problem is I do not know how to control GPIOL pins and there are no GPIOH pins for FTDI4232H. I have no idea how I can SET the LATCH/CLEAR signal or how I can read the /FAULT signal.


The following is what I based my code on for reading from ADC.


At this point I am open to suggestions including using D2XX DLL library instead of FTCSPI.dll