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AD9910 parallel port  content keeps after DDS_F change ?

Question asked by hiro.sp on Jan 25, 2013
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I want to control both frequency and amplitude at short time.

It's too slow to control with serial port for my application,

so, I want to use AD9910 both control frequency and amplitude  with parallel port.


DRG,RAM,OSK, is OFF, and

Data assembler hold last value  is ON


Is following method available ?

time sequenced...

(0) TX_ENABLE =1

(1-1)  F[1:0] select  FREQUENCY

(1-2) D[15:0] set FTW value

(2) wait for some clocks  for FTW valid

(3) F[1:0] select AMPLITUDE

(4)  D[15:0] set AMPLITUDE-high  value

(5) wait for some clocks  for modulation rate

(6) D[15:0] set AMPLITUDE-low value

and so on...(varies AMPLITUDE ONLY)


I'm afraid that the supplied FTW value vanishes  with F[1:0] change...


Thanks in advance for your help