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ADV7619 problems with HDCP compliance test

Question asked by mgirardelli on Jan 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2013 by DaveD

We're using the Quantum Data 882EA test generator to run the HDCP compliance test on our product with the ADV7619.  Unfortunately, while the ADV7619 will lock to 640x480@60Hz, 480p and 576p from the generator and other sources, it will not lock to these signals when connected to the Encryption Status Tester (part of the Quantum Data HDCP compliance test hardware).  The EST works fine with every other device that we've connected it to.  EST version is 12.


The ADV7619 reports IO register 0x42 bit 4 as 0 (STDI data is not valid), but all other indications are that a valid signal is present.  HDMI register 0x04 bit 1 is 1 (TMDS PLL locked) and HDMI register 0x07 bits 5 and 7 are both 1 (DE and vertical filter locked).  What causes the part to report that the STDI data is not valid?


We're using a 27MHz crystal in our design.  We've tried the 480p script values as-is (except for the crystal setup), but the same issue remains.


We do not have an eval board to compare with.


We're contacting Quantum Data to see about an EST replacement or an EST upgrade, but given that it works with every other device that we've tested it with, it doesn't seem like the EST is the problem.  We used the analyzer in the 882EA to analyze the EST's signal, and it's identical to the 882EA's 480p output.


Any ideas what might be going on?