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How to enable clock circuity on board the AD6649 eval board?

Question asked by vtrandal on Jan 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2013 by J.Harris

This is not a how-to. I'm looking for a how-to for enabling the clock circuity on the AD6649 eval board. My problem is the silkscreen on the AD6649 is too crowded to clearly see all of the component designators and make the changes described on page 4 of the Evaluation Board User Guide (UG-293) section "Clock Circuity" paragraph 3. When I run the FFT example in Visual Analog no data seems to be captured. The plot is blank. So I assume the missing clock is the culprit.


Looking at the AD6649 silk screen R541 and R542 already appear to be populated, but the on board clock is not working (as indicated by a blank plot in Visual Analog FFT example). The silk screen is too crowded for me to follow the rest of the instructions on page 4 of the User Guide for enabling the on board clock.


Perhaps someone has done this and is using the on board clock on the AD6649 eval board. It would be great if I could get a marked up or copy of in the AD6649 gerber files. Then maybe I could enable the on board clock on my AD6649. Or is everybody using an external clock source?




Vincent Randal

Longmont, Colorado