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Changing the Length of Squential Buffer Chains

Question asked by spflanze on Jan 24, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2013 by SteveM

I am setting up communications between a Blackfin BF547 and an AD5272-100 Digital Potentiometer using the Two Wire Interface in the VDK Operating System.


When sending the AD5272 a command to set a value I need only one buffer of type ADI_DEV_SEQ_1D_BUFFER.


When when sending a command to query a value I need a chain of two ADI_DEV_SEQ_1D_BUFFER buffers. The first to send the query command, and the second to read back the response.


After sending the chain of two buffers to the adi_dev_SequentialIO(), can the .Buffer.pNext member of the first buffer in the chain be changed as needed to set or query a value?