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Debugging problem

Question asked by Sisik2205 on Jan 24, 2013
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Hello dear AD community!


I'm really new to programming DSP so my question may seem a little silly, but I really need an answer, as I am writing a paper about program optimization on DSPs. I used to work on SHARCs on my labs, but in my home I have no hardware for that so I've planned on using VisualDSP++ 5.0 for simulation.

So I've started a new session as a simulator for ADSP-21062 and I've opened the FIR project from VDSP++ 21k processors examples folder. Then I've builded it succesfully, but when I start debugging it seems to never end. I've tried couple of times already and never succeeded at that. I'm wondering if I'm doing anything wrong or maybe there is some mistake in the code that needs to be corrected or something. I've noticed that while debugging my CPU usage is at high 30% so that's kinda weird though maybe that's the way simulator works (like I've stated I'm new to this).

Thanks for any help and sorry for any grammar mistakes I made, I'm not a native english speaker.


Some additional info:

I'm using the test drive version of VDSP++ 5.0;

Actually when the debugging is running and I stop it, in the assembly window it shows me that program is currently doing an operation called Idle. How do I break from that? I know that the processor while in Idle is waiting for an interrupt, but how am I to do it?

Tell me if you need the code to that fir.c for some reason, so I can copy it here.