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ADIS 16480 initialization

Question asked by Eduard on Jan 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2013 by NevadaMark

I am trying to use an ADIS 16480 on an underwater vehicle application and I have the following problems:


I want the ADIS 16480 to be able to power on correctly in the sea, where waves will cause oscillations in the IMU. I'm simulating this effect just moving with my hand the IMU when powering on.

- If I use the local navigation frame, and the IMU is moving while initializing, most of the output parameters (such as gyros, magnetometers, accelerometers, euler angles...) oscillate. The readings are unusable.

- If I use the body frame, powering on the ADIS 16480 while moving, I am able to get absolute readings on magnetometers and accelerometers, but I usually have a huge constant bias on the gyro. The Kalman filter is not able to estimate this bias properly and the orientation given by the IMU is not accurate.


Is it posible to power on the ADIS 16480 if it is not steady? How can I solve all these issues?


I've realised that using the body frame I'm not able to remove gravity acceleration from accelerometer output using the Gravity Removal Control Bit. Is it posible to remove the gravity acceleration of the sensor output in the body frame?