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AD7328 maximum throughput rate

Question asked by AlvaroAdc on Jan 23, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2013 by jcolao

Hello everyone,


We are facing problems when we try to get the maximum throughput. We have a lot of  experience in high speed converters and we have checked all considerations (timing, hardware, etc.). Getting this converter operating at the maximum sample rate (1Msps) should be easy for us but the thing is that we are stuck. The ADC is configured to operate using only a single channel and with an input analog voltage of +/-10V. For this configuration, we can only get the converter operating at 3Mhz for the clk signal. If we increase the sample rate above that frequency the converter starts sending the incorrect data but if we add more channels to the conversion, the converter starts sending correct data. I will try to clarify this with the following:


Configuration 1 (OK): CLK: 3Mhz Number of Channels: 1

Configuration 2 (NOT WORKING): CLK: 4Mhz Number of Channels: 1

Configuration 3 (OK): CLK: 4Mhz Number of Channels: 3

Please any help  would be very appreciated.


Best regards,


Alvaro R.G