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Memory problems

Question asked by Alexey on Aug 24, 2009
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We're trying to launch our Blackfin prototype (actually we have several of them with same behaviour) and failed in general: both FLASH and SDRAM memory are not working. Read of device code returns 0xDF7D instead of 0x22FD. Please see attached source code - device code is returned with UART0 on 115200. Control byte 0x55 is returned before device code.


RAM also doesn't work. And when we disconnect SDRAM, problem with flash does NOT resolve. So it doesn't look as memory conflict.


We also have ADZS-BF537-EZLITE toolkit and it works. Difference is what we have another memory chips (MT48LC16M16A2BG-75IT, 16MBх16bits) and flash (M29W640FB70ZA6E instead of M29W320DB on kit) on prototype.


Software downloads well. Processor's I/O LEDs functions normally. You can find flash connection scheme in attachment.


Not sure it's helpful information, but there is mark on chip: "ADSP-BF537 BBCZ-5B 124327.1 0.2 #0734 SINGAPORE".


Could you please help with our problem?