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Is there a quick test on whether using lead free boards and other Windows 7 64-bit issues

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Jan 23, 2013
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    Do you want the good news or bad news first  :-)


    Good news --  I teach embedded systems classes using BF533 boards and the interest in embedded systems has climbed, with the class size doubling from 44 to 73 in last two years


     Bad news  I have a class set (32) of BF 533 from the University support program -- running on Windows 32-bit using HPPCI-ICE emulators.

All the engineering labs are being upgraded (computer OS wise) and I have to go to Windows 7, 64 bit which no longer supports the HPPCI-ICE


Reading through the engineering zone web-pages I see that the USB ice driver only support lead free eval boards


    1) I need a quick test for whether theBF533 boards are likely to lead free with out taking them out of the lab-stations where they are installed for security


          Most of my boards are silicon 5 version -- Version board 2.1 or 2.2 I would suspect

          Because of increase in class size I had to bring back some silicon 2 revision boards -- Version 1.7 perhaps 1.2


            If I said the silicon 5 versions were lead-free would it be right, or are all my boards old enough that nothing is likely to be lead free

                    or (not my preferred answer) do I have to go in, open up and route in each lab station and get the board numbers    :-) ?

              Partly solved question -- I have a Rev 2.1 test board that says ADZS -- were Rev 2.1 boads also released



    2) Is there an alternative to HP-USB ice as an emulator for these boards -- that will run with VDSP floating licenses etc


     For example, there are J-TAG daughter boards on the 21469 and inexpensive J-TAGS ($35) available for the new arm products AD has released,

               Any body know if those will run with VDSP, Windows 64 and the BF533


     3) Another way to go would be to totally upgrade the BF533 boards to something still Blackfin but with a LCD screen rather than the video output

               However, I think that would be an time-consuming route to go as we made some custom modifications to the boards and would have to provide technician time to convert the interface to the new boards