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Two adau1772 codes in TDM8 mode

Question asked by ccyao on Jan 23, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2013 by BillJ

I am going to build an eight microphone array with two ADAU1772s.


I saw that the ADC_SDATAx pin on the ADAU1772 can go to tri-state condition during time slots of unused TDM channels and the start of ADC_SDATAx output channel is programmable through the ADC_SDATAx_ST register, it seems that two ADAU1772s can output 4 channel serial data via a single TDM line while operating in TDM8.


However, I didn't see any register related to the start of DAC_SDATA output channel. Does it mean that two ADAU1772s must receive 2 channel serial via separated TDM lines?