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AD1955: mono mode & SACD

Question asked by Audio_Maker on Jan 21, 2013
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this is my 1st. post in the Engineerzone, and I would like to know how to use (connect) the SACD inputs in the AD1955 when I have two of them, configured as MONO each: one for the left channel and other for the right channel. As the SACD interface have 3 signals; one clock, one left and one right, I don't know how would be the configuration.

At this time, I'm using the configuration proposed in the AD datasheet for the mono PCM version. Now, I have a SACD signal source and I would like to connect it to my DAC. Obviously, I have a micro controller for to change the AD1955's internal registers.

So, my questions are:

1.- How to connect the digital inputs  to each one mono DAC chip ?

2.- The DAC current outputs, will be the same wiring mode as for the PCM  mono mode ?

Thanks you !