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ADUM3223 isolation architecture

Question asked by rdmathew on Jan 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2013 by RSchnell

I am planning to use 4 half bridge config driver with both high side and low side isolated GND power supply using 4 ADuM3223  . Now my query  is that do I need separate isolated power supply for each of my half bridge driver as in my configuration always any one of the bridge will get connected to the supply bus  GND which i normally connected with my low side driver ground  . Will it cause any issue ?.Say for example when my A1 output line is driven from high side , I have a requirement where my A2 output lower side bridge has to be connected to ground . So considering that each of my limb is driven from a ADuM3223 do you see any issue if I use a Single Isolated high side supply for all my 4 high side (Iso2_12V ) and single low side isolated supply (Iso1_12V) or do I need to use separate isolated grounds for each of the driver IC in the isolated concept as any time my floating ground of high side will be in contact with my bus GND or can my floating ground be pulled to any potential provided I maintain my GS potential above the threshold