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How to use interrupt as external in 2149 sharc

Question asked by bansal on Jan 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2013 by MaheshN


I am using DSP sharc 21479 processor. some external interrupt that i am giving to this DSP is generating through FPGA. I can send my interrupt to any pin related FLAG 0 to FLAG 3 and i can also send my interrupt to any DAI pin of DSP. but i am facing a problem because my DSP is not detecting these interrupts.


Any body can tell me how to initialize Interrupt register in both case(flags interrupt and DAI interrupt). I need a code in C.


here i am attaching a code where i used DAI interrupt to pin 1 . but my DSP processor is hanging in this case. 


How can i use core flag interrupt . can any body provide me register setting for Core flag interrupt. ?