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ADUC7023 Serial download  mode(I2C)

Question asked by JerryS on Jan 20, 2013
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I used ADuC7023 in the project, and progrmaing house will help to do programing process during MP.

I try to use ADuC7023 EVB with USB-I2C/LIN-CONV-Z doungle for I2C download, and it is succesful.

When I use whole new ADuC7023 chipset PCB for I2C download, programing house try to simulator waveform for EVB serial download(I2C).

But it can't successful to reconizge ADuC7023 ID and download from programming house ADuC7023 PCB.

I think it should be some H/W pins missing.


I had checked the Pins /SERIAL DOWNLOAD(pin 21), /RESET, DGND, P0.5, P0.4 .

a.   a. The pin 16, /RESET is normally high. It only reset or serial download for pull down some period.

b.   b. Pin 20, TMS is normal pull up.

a.   c. Pin 21 for /SERIAL download when it is low.


Are they any pins I missed? I attached the H/W schematic for your reference.

AN-806 has no more detail information for reference.