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EZ-KIT21369 left dac channels not working

Question asked by rkn on Aug 19, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2009 by Mitesh

Hello everybody!


I've an 21369 evaluation board here on my desk. On it the silicon revision 0.1 is mounted. When I try the block-based talkthrough (C) example the left (white) channel of the DAC output is not working when I send a stereo signal into the board. The problem remains if I select DAC1 DAC2 DAC3 or DAC4 in initsru.c.

The ADC is working fine. Both channels are received by the DSP (I tested that via downmixing the stereo signal to a mono signal and onyl sending a signal from an external signal generator into either left or right channel). So the problem lies somewhere in the transmit/DAC part.

Interestingly on a second evaluation board the block-based talkthrough works fine out of the box without any modification. But on this board rev. 0.2 is mounted. So why does the example work well on rev 0.2 but not on 0.1?

I tried already to set another revision in the project options without success.

Any ideas what's wrong?