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ADIS16136, bias stability measuring in stillness

Question asked by usaghi on Jan 18, 2013
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Our customer who is studying ADIS16136 measured unstable data from the device.

They are provided following data diagram. X-axe indicate time, and Y-axe shows degree integrated from output of the device which is placed on their office desk. They are expecting 4 degree/hour stability which is shown on datasheet as bias stability, however as you can see, device shows sometimes constant and fairly large minus values and sometimes stay but again shows minus. 



They are using,

AVG_CNT = 04h,

CLKIN is not supplied,

All other registers are staying as default.

If you ever have same issue reported, or any comments to hint how to work out, would be very much appreciated.

When you need more information about, please ask.


Best Regards.