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Parallel Assembly Instructions for multiply

Question asked by climb2him on Aug 19, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2011 by BlackFinner

I need to perform a 32x32 bit multiply on two data buffers within a filter routine for a BF518/12.  So, for it to be as efficient as possible, I wrote it in assembly.  The code within the primary loop is as follows:


A1 = R2.L * R1.H;   
A1 += R2.H * R1.L;
A1 = A1 >>> 16;      /* arithmetic right shift */
A1 += R2.H * R1.H;
A0 += A1;

R1 = [I1++];

R2 = [I0++];


Does anyone have any ideas for how I might execute some of these instructions in parallel?  I'm still novice at using the blackfin's assembly instructions.