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Regarding Software reset & Booting

Question asked by anuvunnam on Jan 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2013 by Prashant


For our current project we are using a custom designed board with BF537 and BF561 processor. We are using 8 bit SPI flash and configured the BOOT Mode pins to 11.

We would like BF537 to reset BF561 processor and initiate its booting sequence. We have connected PF9 of BF537 processor to NMI pin of BF561 processor. We don’t want to use the reset pin of BF561 processor, which we are using for different purpose.

Currently the problem is that, NMI interrupt is getting triggered in BF561 and we wrote a code in ISR of NMI to initiate software reset and trigger the booting sequence. But we observed core is getting reset but booting is not happening. On power up whatever code we have flashed is able to boot up (this we verified by flashing LED blinking program).

Below is the code that we wrote in NMI ISR. Please look at the code and tell if the sequence is proper.



int i;

short regVal;

*pSICA_SWRST  |= 0x07;


for (i = 0;i < 5000;i++);

regVal = *pSICA_SWRST ;                                                                                                                                                                                                 

*pSIC_SWRST = 0x00;


for (i = 0;i < 5000;i++);

asm(“raise 1;”);

for (i = 0;i < 5000;i++);