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JTAG Failed 21261

Question asked by gar on Aug 19, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2009 by gar

I am attempting to JTAG in to a 21261 but I receive the 0x8004 8042 error "Unable to halt processor. JTAG connection failed. You may need to exit the debugger and reset the target HW to correct this problem." I have cycled power but I still see the problem.


I have verified that the JTAG HW is set up properly. The SHARC is set to boot from SPI Flash but the SPI is surface mounted and since I have not JTAG-ed in, I have not programmed the SPI flash. I do see that the /RESET line goes high, after which a DAI1 test point pin goes low. So it seems the SHARC reacts to the /RESET line going high. I am not sure why it is "busy" and why I cannot access it via JTAG.