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Problem in serial communication at 12.58 MHz clock freq

Question asked by smita.patil on Jan 17, 2013
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We Have used ADuC848BSZ62-3(52pin-TQFP) in our project.We have built serial communication between PC & board using UART(at 9600 baud rate).By using technical notes & sample codes,we developed software code for UART module by using timer 2 in baud rate generation mode.We found that it works fine i.e. properly data receive/transmit at clock frequencies of 1.5Mhz & further 3Mhz, 6Mhz( clock frequency is set through PLL) but its not working at 12Mhz clock( CD bits=0) .We are using external crystal of 32.768Khz with 12pf capacitors connected to XTAL 1&2 pins.MCU operating voltage is 5v.We have also checked PLL lock condition. So help me to reslove this issue.