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Assembly macro local labels

Question asked by BruceL on Aug 19, 2009
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I need to force some labels in assembly macros to considered local to that instantiation so I can use the macro multiple times in the same file. I've done this on other parts in the past and it is usually as simple as placing an underscore at the beginning of the label, or something like that. I can't seem to find this documented for the TS-201 part. Anyone know how to do this?



I should also state that I am using the asm template:


asm(".align_code 4;"\
"LR3:2 = R3:2 XOR R3:2 (nf);nop;nop;nop;;"\
"if nlc0e, jump memsetLoop; Q[%0 += 4] = LR3:2;nop;nop;;"\
  :                                                  /*no outputs*/ \
:"k" (pDest),"lc0"(quadcount)          /*inputs*/\
:"xr3","xr2","yr3","yr2","lc0");          /*clobbered registers*/


I need the memsetLoop to expand to a unique label each time it is instantiated in the file, such as memsetLoop_1, memsetLoop_2 etc...


Does the usage of the double quotes in the template cause the expansion of label? to not work?