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Nand Flash Timing query - BF548

Question asked by on Jan 17, 2013
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I am attaching the timing capture of the signals from my board for the nand flash interface which is similar to the ez kit lite. 


When I look at the capture and compare it with the one s in the data sheet, I do not find them similar, especially the erase block command.


The CLE and ALE timing relationship in particular seems to be different from that in the data sheet. 


Please comment if the timing waveforms of my board are Ok to proceed further.


My registers are programmed as follows:


/* Disable all NFC interrupts */

*pNFC_IRQMASK = 0x001F;


/* enable the NFC */

/* disable the NFC interrupt */

/* and Enable the NFC wakeup */


*pSIC_IWR1 |= 0x10000000;

*pDMAC1_PERIMUX = 0x0;


*pSIC_IWR2 |= 0x00000008;

*pDMA22_CONFIG = 0x0000;

*pNFC_CTL = 0x0233;

*pNFC_IRQSTAT = 0x001F;

*pNFC_IRQMASK = 0x000E;