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ADuM6132 Thermal Issues

Question asked by gsvone on Jan 17, 2013
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I have an existing design and have been trying to evaluate the ADuM6132 as a replacement for the high side MOSFET driver. To do this, we had an LPKF board made which mounted support components and the ADuM6132 along with pins to mount the package in the location of the high side driver on our board. However, we have had a number of temperature failures of the ADuM6132 due to the nature and size of the LPKF board (compact to fit in the space allowed, single sided as plated vias are a bit hard to do using the LPKF). We did try to use adhesive to mount a stamped copper heatsink to the ADuM6132, but it didn't appear to be able to move the heat out of the part fast enough (it did get uncomfortably warm) and we still experienced a thermal failure when we started the low side driver after operating the high side driver.


Would mounting an extrusion type heatsink be any better to support this evaluation? Are there any methods that could be employed in this situation to demonstrate that indeed the ADuM6132 can be operated without experiencing thermal failure? The motor high side driver has been an issue and other than this thermal problem, the ADuM6132 appears to be an ideal solution. Thanks for any help that can be provided.


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