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External frame sync(SPORT) pulled from the 3.3V logic voltage down to 1.7V

Question asked by zhangchi0709 on Aug 19, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2009 by BobK

ADS-BF 518 EZ-Board (ADSP-BF518 KSWZ-EN6)




    I multiplex the SPORT1 in the P4 of the Board, and when I connect

the TIMER0 (also multiplexed in P3 of the Board, other TIMERs the

same situation)out as a external frame sync signal to SPORT1(pin20 of

P4), the original 3.3V voltage is pulled down to less than 1V(only about

1.7V), then the SPORT interface can't capture the frame sync signal, so

how can I keep the 3.3V voltage?

    Are there anyone here who came across the same problem? I’ll really

appreciate that if anyone can help me out,  thanks!