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cc3029: fatal error

Question asked by LucasChiou on Jan 17, 2013
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hello, everyone:

     I've encountered a problem while building a project.

     I splitted a source code into seveval files. Some of the files (including the top file and .ldf file) were allocated in local storage and the others were allocated in network storage. In the condition, I ran "build project" in VisualDSP++3.5 and it showed successfully.

     However, while all the spiltted files were allocated in network storage, I ran "build project", yet it displayed some message as following


     cc3029: fatal error: Problem creating directory `\.\acc0468000'

     Tool failed with exit/exception code: 1.


     I attempt to search any solution by the key work "cc3029" in the past post, yet it seams that "cc3029" had never mentioned.

     Maybe someone can help me, thank you.