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ADSP BF548 SPI DMA driver

Question asked by KPAN on Jan 16, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2013 by vinodbableshwar

Hi All,


I am using ADZS-BF548-EZLITE for testing SPI.

I want to interface AD7357 evaluation board with it.

As the required data rate is very fast, we selected to use SPI DMA instead of SPI interrupt.

I am using adi_spi.c and adi_spi.h files from installed folder.

Also i tried using sample code from 'adi_spi_dma.pdf' for inbound direction.

The error after compilation is

".\Source\SPI_Test.c", line 59: cc0020:  error: identifier

          "adi_dev_ManagerHandle" is undefined

  Result = adi_dev_Open(adi_dev_ManagerHandle, &ADISPIDMAEntryPoint, 0, 0, &SPIHandle,


I tried searching for any library to be included. Can anybody help me with the same?


Thanks in advance