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AD9779A application

Question asked by paul.wu on Jan 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2013 by paul.wu

Here we have a request in the application of high speed DAC. We’d
like to use AD9779A, it’sthe dual DACs for I and Q output. If we use one port of it just as a direct IF
DAC, the bandwidth is 100MHz, center frequency is 312.5MHz, is it possible?

Objective: Convert a digitized baseband IQ data to an Analog IF
signal with the response shift to Fdac/4


Input: digitized baseband IQ with data_rate = 125MSPS each (to form
a 100MHz BW).


output: Analog IF signal (response shift to Fdac/4)


AD9779A main


Dual-port mode

I=250MSPS IF Data


Interpolation = 4

Modulation = FDAC/4

=>Response shift 250MHz (FDAC/4)