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Linux ADXL345 driver details ?

Question asked by Manni on Jan 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2013 by rgetz

Having successfully built and tried the adxl34x driver through i2c on a Raspberry Pi I'm looking for some more detailed documentation on the driver(s).


I would like to use it for raw accelerometer data input as efficiently and fast as possible without loosing samples.

1. Is it suitable or even at all possible to do this when the driver is designed for the same 'input' category as mice and keyboards-or do I need to rewrite driver into another category for this?

2. Have You heard of any achieved collection speeds from the ADXL345 on the Raspberry?

3. How do I raise the i2c speed to 400kHz, the logs seem to indicate 100k currently?

4. How do i tamper with the device fifo and how do I know when I'm reaching my speed limit and starting to loose samples in my collection process?

5. A small code fragment would be nice to get started and to know about the ioctl's for the device and howto start using them. Maybe a pointer to documentation or generic principles for some similar work on another device would help?

6. Should I switch over to SPI comms and would it benefit much for the overall speed?