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Synchronizing excitation from multiple AD2S1210s

Question asked by jimB on Jan 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2013 by J.Gealon

I am working on a desing with two AD2S1210s. The design requires that only a single excitation source be used for both converters.

I understand that the best way to sync the converters is to issue a soft reset to both simultaneously. I am interfacing to the converters by the serial data interface.

Unfortunately,I don't think I can issue the soft reset simultaneously as the converters share the serial data bus, and there would be collisions on SDO out of the converters if I tried to access both converters simultaneously.

Will issuing the soft reset to the converter that is not outputting the exc signal first and then to the converter that is ouptutting exc work?

Any other suggestions?

They are both clocked off the same clock osc.