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ADV7341 output filters

Question asked by gno on Jan 14, 2013
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Got two questions:


I am using ADV7341 together with three ADA4430-1 on DAC4, DAC5 and DAC6. My customer now wants the same output signal in two different connectors. Is the easiest solution to double the amount of ADA4430-1, i.e. letting each DAC4-6 output drive two ADA4430-1?


DAC1-3 on ADV7341 also need a low pass filter in my application, but with a cut-off frequency of >30 MHz. ADA4412-3 would be great if it wasn't for its input voltage range that do not work well with the available 3.3V. THS7316 from Ti will do the job, but what would be a suitable alternative from ADI?