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ADE7880 field adjusment (calibration) for external CT phase & gain error.

Question asked by yilmazkircicek on Jan 13, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2013 by yilmazkircicek

Hi All,


We are planning to use ADE7880 in our feedback section of our application circuit. And we know that is requires calibration for precise measurement. So we are going to calibrate our subsystem with on board current transformers. (CT primer is 5A and ratio is 1:1000) Everything is fine till now.


But my customer will use an additonal external current transformers with 200/5A, 500/5A or 1000/5A from different vendors according to their requirements. These external curent transformers will add some phase and gain errors.


So we want to add field adjusment (calibration) feature to our subsystem.

Is there an appropriate method for this if I know the external CT phase and gain error? (eg. CT gain is 498/5A instead of 500/5A and phase error is 2 degree.)

How I am going to modify gain and phase calibration registers with CT phase and gain error parameters ?


Best regards.