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blackfin's data acquisition capability

Question asked by 218024828 on Jan 11, 2013
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I am new to Blackfin.

what's max sampling rate I can get from Blackfin BFXXX series?

I want to use a parallel interface , spi is also ok. parallel interface makes FPGA work easier.

I prefer PPI but I found the max I can get is 66MSPS or 50MSPS conservatively speaking.


I notice there is an example to interface to >50MSPS ADC and 200MSPS DAC modem mixed signal front end. but I didn't take a deep look. It looks like that example uses other interface(?) in stead of PPI.


If I use other interface like DMA , FPGA pre-processing, even serdes, etc, what's the benefit to use blackfin compare to

use ti's dsp? or I am picking a wrong way: if I want to do >200MSPS I need to use TI's high end dsp? I heard for higher end performance wise,

ti's better....