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ADM3251E Datasheet Clarification

Question asked by VACBrick on Jan 10, 2013
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In reviewing the datasheet for the ADM3251E I have likely discovered an error.. Rather than Guess I figure it best to contact the source..

Within the Table 8 pin descriptions of datasheet revision F (Current). The descriptions for pin 11 and 20 contradict Primary vs Secondary.

In my application I'm planning on using a CUI VBT1 isolator/DC-DC module for external power isolation, as the internal converter is a power hog.. Primary vs Secondary is not very well defined in the documentation. I could assume the primary as the CMOS side, but would I be correct?. I seek clarity on the behalf of Vcc, GND, GNDiso, and Viso.. Looks like a revision G datasheet is necessary..